What are the best NYSE scalping stocks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trader1626, May 11, 2005.

  1. Hi, I was wondering what the NYSE traders on this board feel are good scalping stocks. I am looking for stocks with a daily good range and an avg vol btw 1k-4k. Personally I am a big fan of Genentech. Thanks for sharing guys!
  2. Anyone have an opinion. Great chance to get long during the terrorist news panic during lunch time.
  3. If you like DNA, you should prob go for the psychotic groups like brokers, steels, homebuilders and oils.
  4. Ertai


    AMD has some good intraday moves sometimes..

    Nice range and volatility.. but not everyday I guess..
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    I wouldn't think DNA would be a good scalping stock at all - way too much news risk. The thing flies for points. Been on my "do not trade" list for over a year.
  6. The homebuilders are a nice bunch to trade, and they react very well to inflation numbers. However DNA has more volume and liquidity, is been hard for find a comparable one in the biotech sector with that type of movement. Toll brothers was a awesome homebuilder with crazy movement, but ever since the pilot A list got enacted, is been pretty shitty, with a ton of choppy movements. Oils is actually too wild for me at this point in time, has anyone had luck or advice for trading steel? Thanks for the responses.
  7. Anyone ride a good short on the homebuilders today, or any stock in general. Good day to follow the trend instead of picking bottoms like me, ouch.
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    Isnt this volume too low for scalping.
  9. volume is horrible for scalping, the risk clearly outweights the reward, guess one must really scalp selectively.
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    i have a feeling you made a typo. 1k-4k.. is 1000-4000 shares. you probably meant 1m-4m. scalping usually works best for stocks trading with a volumn of about 100k-300k when trading a position size of about 3k-5k. once you know how to scalp a beast like genentech consistently, you should be able to do with 10k+ shares.

    i don't really like to scalp genentech as there are generally too much news in the stock. but being said that it is a great news stock and i like to trade it when there is a news. if you really like genetech, take a look at scalping opportunities in vz, ibm, pg, gm. as always the key is to be selective and take the money when the market allows you.
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