What are the best Mac-based trading systems

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by nravo, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. nravo


    Looking for something with options scanning, for futures, akin to OptionsVue or Options Station2001. But for a Mac.
  2. ozzie123


    Any Windows-based trading software and install it on a mac either using Parallels or Crossover (currently using Amibroker that installs via crossover and gets the datafeed from TWS for Macintosh)
  3. nravo


    Looking only for Mac-native.
  4. it ain't out there... whats the price of a cheap as shit pc or parallels compared to optionvue fees.... I much prefer Macs, the trading world doesn't (yet)... I bought a dirt cheap laptop just for hoadley's tools...
  5. So you got Ami-Broker to work right under Crossover eh??? I had issues with that software. Specificlly the graphics... Kinda crappy.

    Was your TWS link the Mac Java version running or were you in Crossover with that as well?
  6. Id consider the Parallels route.

    Matter of fact Paralles 3 is on the way out and they promise even better integration than in build 3188. Plus they promise to fix the Coherence issue with multiple monitos (side by side config)

    They are promising file linking inside parallels (excel file will launch excel 2007 for windows instead of office Mac, etc....)

    Here is a link...


    I think the Parallels crew is onto something. I can see true integration where windows is just an API in the mac.... Not a sep. op sys....
  7. I love my Mac and use it for everything except trading. IB java based software runs natively on a mac, but, everything else is built for PC.

    It sucks, but, your better off Just buying a Windows machine for trading.
  8. I find my trials very successful... I am currently testing MultiCharts under XP (parallels) with TWS running under OS X. They are communicating fine all running on my mac together.

    The secret is the set the trusted IP's to the IP of the Parallels virtual environment.

    I am able to send trades to TWS and have MC receive confirmation info. All is well.

    In a word, a MAC makes windows Look better. LOL. I am happy for parallels. keeps me from being stuck with a PC Box laying around the house.
  9. Very nice!

    I have to admit OS X does rock. I spent my whole career on WinTel machines and when OS X came out I bought a Mac. Other than trading, we do everything on the Mac.

    Perhpas I'll revisit the idea over the summer of setting up my Mac to support a little trading.
  10. nravo


    Ditto. Mac versus Windows is like comparing a Porsche to a Pinto. (Wasn't this way always, I'll admit; the turnaround started about four or five years ago when a lot of the earlier cross-platform issues were worked out.) I use IB's Java applet, so my Mac works well with my trading. (I'm not so happy with IB's Mac stand-alone desktop install, however.) But for scanning and analysis, I have to rely on the handful of web-based services out there, like iVolatility. Almost all desktop-software like OptionVue, TradeStation, etc., are Windows-only. I understand the next OS in Macs will have a hot boot, so you don't have to log off to run a Windows or use Parallells (which I still can't get the hang of.) That would help, possibly; I'll wait and see. But it's not going to be an answer for us who want to stay in OS X and never log into Windows in any way, shape or form. In trading, it is still a Windows world, unfortunately. Too many corporate budgets making the conservative mass market choice has led to this. Alas.
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