What are the best Execution Platforms????

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  1. What is the consensus on the best execution platform for high frequency traders?
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    IMO there is only one option for HFT - FIX messaging
  3. More specifically, what is the best direct access platform for day traders?
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    Well there is a big difference between High Frequency Trading which is computer automated and Day Trading which can be manual. Since you ask for the later I assume it is manual trading which is a totally different story. I think most people pick their brokers first based on commissions & products/services offered then use the software that is offered unless it is horrible. Charting of course you can use your own, eSignal or whatnot. You might want to take a look at NinjaTrader though.
  5. Is it true that LightSpeed will be intergrating Anvil into their product?

    If so, does anyone have some sort of timeline to completion?
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    I have heard that LS will be integrating Anvil into their product and that the process should be completed by year end.
  7. I have narrowed down the firms I am interested in joining, but before i make my decision, I am interested in the opinions of all the pro trading platforms out there. Specifically for equity traders.

    ML X-Trade
    MBT Pro

    Also, if you are aware of any that I have not listed please include them.
  8. i have used Anvil, LS and Laser. Right now our group has Sterling, LS and Laser with very competitive rates. Waiting for LS to incorporate Anvil and see the result.
  9. Yes, I imagine there will be some issues and bugs to fix at the onset. But I am very excited to see the result of the integration. \

    Would like to know some thoughts on blackwood pro if anyone out there is using their new release.
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    are you sure about that? do you even know what FIX is? its disadvantages? what the alternatives are?
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