What are the best books on trading?

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    Hello there!

    I am wondering what everyone is considering the best books on trading? Can anyone let me know of their opinions? I have a huge collection of trading books which I need to sort according to their relevance to the practice of trading. If anyone wants to take a look hit me up at charl_irvine@yahoo.com or ICQ: 212966036

    Looking forward to hear from you,

  2. Rem... of a stock operator seems good. Just reading it
    Douglas trading in the zone also

    But i don´t trade yet so dont listen to much :)
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    thanks!!!! I will check douglas' books in my collection...:)
  4. The other book by Douglas is said to be good or even better. The disciplined trader i think the title is
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    yep..I have it in my list...is it really that good?
  6. ==============

    Amoung the best;
    3 top trader books, by Jack Schwager,
    Dr. Van Tharp books.:cool:

    When Supertraders Meet K-nite, by Art Collins

    3 Top trading/investing books by William O'Neil;
    including his short selling book.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct.
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    thanks...i still have to figure out which is the best in my library (which i got from a relative)....I can send the list....
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    i think i have all of these....cool......:) my aunt had good choice :).....if you wih to review my list let me know...

  9. You have New Market Wizards on your list. You need Market Wizards as well. Also, and a lot of this depends on your style of trading, I recommend When Genius Failed and Pit Bull.
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