What are the beaten down stocks...

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  1. I have posted my beaten down pick previously which is semi-conductors. Semi-conductors are very cyclical and will rise again. There is no way around not having semi-conductors, they are in practically everything electronic.

    Another one I believe is homebuilders, however, I am reluctant to give it a buy rating. If the past is any indicator, these housing downturns tend to last for many years. We simply do not know the floor. I worked for Wells Fargo in 1997 and took many phone calls from distraught homeowners who were behind on home loans. The housing started to downturn in 1991 and by 1997 there were still homeowners behind on their loans. Angelo Mozilo stated that he has never seen a "soft landing".

    Anyone who can point out any other beaten down or unfavored sectors right now? Feel free to post. Thank you.
  2. Homebuilders

    Construction materials



    Just because it has been beaten down doesn't mean it won't go lower.
  3. Well take a look at ERS. Stock got beaten down with the metals but never recovered.

    Some fundamental flaws though.

    Also DRL, I jumped in on the gap down.
  4. The sectors that have been beaten down the most over the last two months are energy and metals.

    Since May the worst have been

    Manufactured housing -33%
    Long distance carriers -29.82%
    building materials wholesale -26.78%
    oil and gas -25%
    aluminum -21.5%
    semi-conductors -21.32%
  5. Thanks HG.

    Did you get that list on MSN?
  6. No, I have telechart 2007. I've had it for about 10 years and I just can't seem to find a reason to get rid of it.
  7. Overcapacity in semi. Only the best of breed survive.
  8. Sweet.

    I'm going to have to check that out.

    I love "old" technology that shames the new.
  9. I find all my stocks to buy or short with telechart 2007.

    I just take the russel 3000 and sort it by the slope of each stocks 50 day regression channel with a 2% standard of deviation. The program does this in about 20 seconds.

    With this method you can find stocks channeling, or getting ready to move up or down. It's been great.
  10. "Homebuilders"
    "Construction materials"

    I cant say for certain if these will go lower. I will cross these off my list for now. I know that housing downturns tend to last for a while...


    I think this is a good one. Small cap tech is usually a winner right now, but people believe that there will be a recession so they are flocking to the staples. I believe the recession talk is overblown because I have lived during a few recessions. This isnt a recession we are in. I think there are people who are believing the bond market. The bond market, however, is heavily weighted by foreign demand.

    The foreign demand is because they are underwriting loans for growth. The dip in the ten year is actually a bullish sign for the global economy...


    Disagree. The time to buy insurance stocks was 1-2 months ago. I believe some have run their course although there still might be a little more run coming.

    Large, quality insurance stocks are always excellent long term holders. A company like All-State is not going away and it will always have customers. I would feel comfortable placing any insurance stock into a ROTH IRA and just letting it run for 10 years to see where it goes.
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