What are the Average AUM of Pro Traders?

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    Just wonder if there is any data about the average size of the AUMs of some of the reported data? I know the range can be really wide and some of the data are not very reliable. But just want to get some ideas.

    I know there are tons of prop traders, some trade on their own and some trade with prop firms. The average AUM for the common traders can be small. Maybe $30k to $50k? Or that is still too high?

    Assume a 20% payout or net profit, to make a $150,000 annual income, you need about $750k to $1MM AUM to make a decent living full time. Anything more than $1MM is considered a luxury to have.
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  2. On the institutional side, you're looking at $100-250MM on average per portfolio manager. Some PMs can manage billions-- depends on the strategy.
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    If you look at the money managers posted at IB, they range from $1MM+ to about $50MM. Most are under $10MM. So I believe the $100MM funds are considered large.

    I'm thinking more on the individual side. Not money management business.
  4. Well you can scrap IBs database to get a sense as to the size of smaller funds.
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    Proprietary Traders, HF Traders, and Bank Desk Traders are assigned Capital Limits and Risk Limits. Naturally, newbies start out very small but if they are consistent they will get levered quickly. Point being, these private firms will throw as much money at you as you can handle if you are consistent.
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    I think that unless you have a few million (like 3) it’s difficult to be successful.
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  7. %%
    That sounds about right;
    especially with impulsive buys \ debt, mortgage, bank loan+ no spending plan\ like most have .
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    Do you mean Registered but independent CTA or traders who trade in house for a proper prop firm?
  9. This is an interesting thread. I consider myself small and only trade my own monies. I have family and friends that have asked me to take on their money but I don't. I don't want the responsibility. Do any of you take on family/friends money?
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    I did for a few 25 years ago, I loaned them funds and stopped ten years later. Too much hassle to do now.

    I "advised" for a couple Co-ops for few years, traded part time for couple companies, but when they started wanting to know exactly how signals were generated, adios time. I rather trade for myself and make 100% of profits, I never liked working for people much anyway. Never a good team player unless I owned the business.
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