What are the advantages of Cobra Trading over IB?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Port1385, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to know the different advantages of Cobra over IB?
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  3. What would be the advantage if you were banned for posting blatantly inflammatory and deceptive threads?

    Considerable, I imagine.
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  5. There are many...no pink screens, lower margins, better customer service, better rates,etc....
  6. There is no conspiracy to bring down IB. I simply want to discuss the benefits of an alternative trading site.
  7. I've never heard of Cobra, therefore they do not exist.
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    Ok, since you say you just want to "discuss", I'll start:

    - share volumes as low as .001 (IB) vs .004/shr (Cobra) on volume

    - $7.95/trade deal offered by Cobra only available on web platform, not the direct access platforms

    - no futures trading

    - spot fx is rebranded Saxobank dealing desk trade system

    - short list roughly 12k(IB) vs 9k (Penson)

    - no European or Asian stock or futures trading at Cobra

    - no bond trading

    - no universal account for nightly sweep of available cash (actually, no need to since they don't offer futures, foreign equity, bonds or direct spot forex trading)

    - 30MM of total protection (IB) vs 25MM of total account protection

    - been in business 31 yrs (IB) vs 4

    - ACH fee $1 and wire fee $10 (IB after first withdrawal) vs ACH free and wire $15

    - software fees: TWS free (IB) vs 75-250/month for direct access platform choices

    - more responsive customer service than IB (see prior post/thread about only having 25 clients)

    So what did I miss?
  9. You missed this picture of port.