What are the 3 most important issues facing American today?

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  1. List three, if you would.

    My three?

    1. Energy independence.
    2. Ending the culture war in America.
    3. Ending the grip of the corporations on the way laws are put together in our government.

    In no particular order, though I think the corporate stranglehold on our government has a major part and huge impact on the ability to solve number 1 and number 2.
  2. The debt.
  3. I see it the opposite way.
    I see Government as a stranglehold on Corporations.

    The Government feels free to tax, regulate , fine, push social issues onto businesses.
    Obama wants to force unions on them now. Make them increase health care, minimum wage, paid family leave.
    Right or wrong, this is the policy of many in Government.

    Of course, any industry who is subject to this type of government mandate will need to fight back with money , lobbyist and politics.

    Let the Government back off and business will leave them alone.
  4. Are you suggesting that corporations function without any regulation by government?

  5. That would be ideal.
    They say the problem with wall street was deregulation, but most of the problem was the government and its implied guarantee of Fred/Fan mae.

    The rest of the problems are for the market to fix, yes people will be hurt, but we have decided to live in a market economy.

    Of course, we will always need laws to make the rules equal for all.

    Once you start to regulate you create favorites. All regulations are decisiions made by goverment officals. It makes the field unfair. It usally helps the larger companies to compete better at the expense of smaller companies .
  6. So no regulation on the credit markets at all would be a good deal?

    I am assuming that you have studied unregulated markets over the course of history and see what they produce...

    Bubbles and crashes, boom and busts...unregulated greed, false shortages, immense suffering.

    Is that what you think is really best for America?

    In the past decade we have seen a stock market bubble crash, twice, a housing bubble crash, a credit bubble crash, an oil bubble crash, etc.

    All of these boom and busts were the fault of the government, and would not have happened with a zero regulation policy?

  7. It would, wouldn't it? Companies would be dumping waste material down the sewers to save a LOT of money.

    I can't think of anything more ideal than that. People can drink bottled water.

    Nope. It was with Moodys' misratings and credit default swaps. Had almost nothing to do with FNMA -- hell they weren't even doing subprime.
  8. Huh??? what grade are you in?? 3rd or 4th? LOL

    why don't you write your concerns to your congressman in crayon? they always find that cute :p
  9. Wow. Your point is so far beyond my understanding.

    Please restate your idea as if you were talking to a first or second grader.


  10. Obesity
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