What are some proposed Super Bowl - Stock market relationships?

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  1. I DON'T believe in this crap.

    But for informative purposes -perhaps even humoristic purposes-,

    How is it that, if some team wins the stock market will rally?, If the winner comes from the east/west coast the market will do this and that?
  2. bellman


    Or if a company has a successful ad campaign?

    As for the original question, I think if the Patriots win it would push the markets up just a little bit. I can't stand the Pats and hope they lose, but they have come to reperesent America overall, and people love to see a perfect season. They have a huge fanbase, and if they win, their fans will feel good about themselves and presumably spend more.
  3. Joab


    Ok here's the absolute sure bet system ....

    IF Brady scratches his balls more then 3 times during the game we will be in a Bull market for 6 months.


    IF Manning slaps 4 butts during the first half we will go back to a Bear market.


    IF Brady licks his fingers 31 times or more the Bull will last 1 year.


    IF Manning accidentally gooses the center (and he likes it) then back to Bear market.

    You heard it here first folks.

    Gooooooooo GIANTS :D
  4. Smaller companies thay pay big-money to advertise during the game regret it. "Hot" industry sectors that advertise during the game tend to be on the verge of a huge bear market.
  5. clacy


    I heard on CNBC the other day that 81% of the time that if the NFC team wins, the market finishes higher that year and if the AFC team wins, the market finishes lower.

    I think this correlation is probably due to the fact that during the 70's when the AFC was dominating the NFL, was a horrible time for the market. And conversely, in the 80's/90's when the NFC was typically winning the SuperBowl, the markets were doing very well overall.
  6. clacy


    Just to clarify, if you want the market up, you want the Giants to pull the upset and if you are a bear, you will want the Patriots.
  7. Here is a correlation. If you are a fun of either team, do not trade tomorrow. Why? It is likely that you may not feel very good or you will feel invincible after the game--- either way, this sentiment is a good fuel for the market to consum!
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    who ever makes up these relationships between what team wins and what the stock market will do in 2008 is foolish...
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    Sports Biz Poll
    Do you believe in the Super Bowl Indicator? * 600 responses
    Not sure
    Not a scientific survey.
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    Here's the correct answer: If the Giants beat the Patriots, the Dow will close above 14,000 tomorrow.
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