What are some of the undervalue stocks at the moment?

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  1. It seems most of the stock values are all time high, or at-least reaching 52-weeks high.
    What stocks are undervalued with strong fundamentals, I think these will rise when the market come to its senses.
  2. "what are the most perfect stocks you guys are lookin at so I can jump on the bandwagon too"
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  3. TITN. - Titan Machinery.
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    NIO maybe. I don't play longterm.

    If any random joe on a forum knew they wouldn't be undervalued.
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    Traders/investors usually use metrics like low price/earnings ratio or low market-to-book ratio to find "undervalued" stocks.

    Unfortunately history shows that these indicators have a poor and unreliable predictive power.

    Buying 52-week high stocks is profitable but only marginally.
    Buying 52-week lows is a losing system. In fact shorting these stocks is profitable (but not that much).

    Finding and profiting from undervalued stocks requires a LOT of research and dedication, and the trader has to study each company from the inside out.

    On the other hand, we price action traders can look at any chart and say : "Buy here, place your stop here and take your profit here" in less than 30 seconds (well, maybe 2 minutes, if we had a few drinks, lol)
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  7. Why care at all? 60% of all investments are done through passive investment funds and it becomes more every year. Invest in the fund and profit from the snowball effect as long as it lasts.
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    Motel chains...
  9. i appreciate $SDC and $NAVI....dont touch $SDC yet though. let it fall back down. $NAVI too. i need to get them both for the low.

    $UPWK, $DBX, $AAL(30PUT JAN2020)
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    airlines, real estate (especially big cities like NYC and SF), some of the service industry, prolly tourism
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