What are some good career choices for those over 40?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by midlifeguy, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. I can pay the bills Trading but am deeply concerned about Health Insurance and also I wouldn;t be puting anything into Social Security.

    I have alot of years experience on the Buyside but was downsized due to a jackass boss who wanted to cut costs and use Algorithms. Note: I made this firm millions. Sucks!

    Realistically, trading on your own is way less stressful as you set your schedule etc and do not have to be at work at 430am everyday.

    What are some good options for a person with experience and my age? I don;t think a high stress buyside job is the right path as I see it dying out anyways. Thoughts?

  2. If you made millions for the firm, why not trade for yourself? You won't have to rely on an employer for benefits if you can make money on your own.
  3. Service advisor or service manager at a car dealer imo
  4. I am sure your post will bring a flood of offers, with health insurance. Afer all, you made them millions.

    Now go risk your own ass and make yourself some millions. You are not entitled to cradle to grave security just for being born in the US.....
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    Apprentice Walmart Greeter. Downside is you won't be eligible for promotion to full Greeter status until you are at least 70.
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    absolutely not ! No entitlements. check...
    but ... no truth, either.

    after all, that would inconvenience all those who made their money fairly, like roosevelt, or rockefeller, or morgan, or carnegie, or bache, or ... etc etc etc.

    why should we have decent health care, say, when we can demonstrate our good patriotic duty so much better by making our betters even more rich by being chumps, and buying bullets -- on credit terms that would make a loan shark blush -- that shall be used to kill people whose children shall then kill ours ?

    after all, ya just gotta have perspective! we polloi do not matter, only the elites do, and the sooner you realize that, pay your taxes, buy more bullets, and let the elite send your children off to die in 3rd world, destitute, but resource rich hellholes, the better off all of us shall be.
  7. How about gigolo?
    Trader by day...Manwhore by night...
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    Forget corporations and bosses.
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    If you form your own C Corp and have maybe300k to 500k
    to contribute to special health trust fund then maybe taking
    the self-insured health plan is an option. See Q&A concerning
    self-insured health plans:


    Don't really know much about this. Maybe 300k minimum is not
    a requirement to get started. I was just throwing out a number.

    Anybodyelse out there know about this as an option or is actually
    doing this?

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