What are some good brokers.

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  1. Hey what are some good brokers to join. Like what are some good online trading brokers, and what are some good direct acess brokers. If im planning on making a large number a trades a day, should i join a direct acess account.

    Thank you very much
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  3. Thats perfect man. Just what i needed.

    Just a question, Whats the difference between, something like Etrade and Interactive Brokers. What should i go to. Whats better for a begginer.

  4. Neither one, for a beginner that wants to do a lot of trades; IB won't support you enough, and the other one is not a good place to learn high volume trading.
  5. Metooxx, ok what do you suggest i start with, what broker, what type of broker, Id like to join some good direct acess brokers, but im only going to be opening an account with $5000.

    What do you suggest man.

    Thank you very much
  6. Maybe Terra Nova, more expensive, but direct access with good technical support and a good trade desk, which you will need ...
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    You must have at least $25,000 to start an account that you will be day-trading with. If you do more than 3 turnarounds (buy/sell or sell/buy) within a 5 day period you are considered a pattern trader by the SEC and you need a min of $25,000 or the broker you are using (so long as they are following the rule) will not let you enter your third position because it would be a potential pattern day trade.:(
  8. Yea that one looks good.

    What did u mean by etrade is not good for high volume trading, what is that. What did u mean

    Thank you.
  9. It is just not the right interface or place for what you are talking about.
  10. OK, i see.

    With nova, you need a 10,000 account minimun, I only have $5000, So what do u suggest i do. Are direct access account easy to use.

    Thank you
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