What are some good applications for real-time market news?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by BigChip, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Bloomberg and Reuters are obviously excellent, but very pricey. Most individuals or small shops do not need all those bells and whistles. What are some good options that either come with their own feed or can connect to feeds from the usual market data providers that service professional traders?
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    Get together with a bunch of fellow retail traders, purchase one bloomberg/reuters service and stream the content across the network.
  3. You can get Reuters through IBIS or TWS from Interactive Brokers. Not sure how fast it is since I don't have anything to compare it to. Are you looking to beat Yahoo Google, or are you duking it out for milliseconds?

    Edit- Are you looking for a terminal type service just to read it, or are you looking for a raw feed that you can do something algorithmic off of?
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    Thanks for the suggestions. My question is meant to focus more on the client software side, not the feed. I am not looking to do anything algorithmic, I am looking for quality in terms of the user interface, the tools for tracking and organizing news, and the performance of managing large numbers of news feeds.

    I am looking for a terminal I suppose, but a smart one, preferably one that can handle feeds from different data vendors.
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  6. Newsedge is very good. IBIS is now free for IBTWS users.
  7. Nice that they got rid of the platform fee. Most months it was waived anyway, but take some time off from trading and then you get hit with an extra $39 if you don't meet the minimums. I mostly use it for the event calendars and the rest is gravy.
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    Sorry traveller, are you talking about Reuters or Newsedge? Thanks.
  9. Briefing.com

    Not 'real-time' but near and you get some beneficial built-in human filtering and verbiage. Earnings dates, economic and conference calenders, stock ideas. Most valuable part IMO, are the individual stock earnings reports and guidance's with differences between actual and expected. Plenty of ops to profit from buying/selling earnings reports in post-market and then flipping the position later.

    The TOS platform also has plenty of 'free' built-in news, both text and (quite valuable) audio ('Global News' under 'Chatrooms').
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    Thanks, I'm having trouble with the acronyms. TOS, IBIS?

    Let me ask this question. Of the value of news to trading, and I realize this question will mean different things to people, how much of the value do you find in the actual information, and how much value do you place on being able to organize the news? One problem I have with using news to trade, especially in semi-fast moving markets, is that there is so much of it, all coming from different sources, and it's difficult to organize.
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