What are some examples of "future concepts" in tech, food,, business and medicine

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  1. 1) What are some examples of "future concepts or companies " in tech, food,, business and medicine that are "real" and actually happening and "not in development" ....

    2) Also what are some future concepts or companies that are bullchit and is just hype!!!!
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    Sounds like a good homework assignment for a college class! If I were the professor, I'd be looking for answers such as "Very Light Jet (VLJ) air taxi service". Your friend Google can supply thousands of articles' worth of reference material.
  3. I did search google yahoo alta vista msn etc etc etc...this is just another way for me find out about future "real" concepts or companies I might be missing.....
  4. i just need at least 10 responses come on people lol
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    1] Futurestrader71 mentioned a personal preference ;
    actually its been a trend /friend for way before since '71, organic food. No matter what NYSE, or NasdaQQQ prices it , strong trend.

    Not a prediction,futures are about the past & present , not the future as ''Chick'' Goslin , futures trader says.

    2 ] Ideas for downtrends could be found in ''How to make Money Selling Stocks Short'' by William O Neil:cool:
  6. Biotechnology-

    RNA Interference. ALNY, RNAI are public stocks. Atugen, Calando pharmaceuticals are developing delivery technology to deliver these drugs.

    My opinion is $10 billion in 10 years.
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