What are some books, movies, TV, YouTube, etc that have really made you think??

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    ***You can list books as well as TV/Film, hell you can list some YouTube videos, any form of media***

    A few TV series that really stuck in my head and made me think for a while:

    - Battlestar Galactica (2004 - 2009), the blend of religion (Greek Mythology vs Christianity), sci-fi, and the harsh/brutal nature of humanity was fascinating and really makes you think. A masterpiece.
    - Lost: the first two or three seasons was unlike any other show I have ever seen, well done.
    - The Wire: gritty, raw, real, exposes a lot of the corruption from the streets, police and politicians. Everything is connected.
    - [Silicon Valley](): a hilarious take on the absurdities of the Valley, and stupidity of large corporations...and [this]()

    Movies (the 90s had a lot of movies that hit a nerve with me):

    - The Big Lebowski: hilarious, deep, and something I just couldn't get out of my head
    - Star Wars (original trilogy): how could it not!
    - [Starship Troopers](): a great satire
    - No Country for Old Men: a classic, deep, dark, must watch
    - [I Heart Huckabees](): a truly mind-bending take on the human experience
    - [Fight Club](): masculinity in crisis
    - [The Matrix](https://youtu.be/t3j_lyTrtG0): the grand-daddy of everything
    - [Office Space](https://youtu.be/jsLUidiYm0w): the corporate life really is killing us
    - [American Beauty](https://youtu.be/G0nQveRqBco): are we all trapped? Why?
    - [American Psycho](https://youtu.be/-ATVEYDQg2s): narcissism, vapid culture and a loss of self
  2. Movies and music are like art...it's highly subjective and personal from person to person.

    One song or movie can transform one person into excellence and productiveness and purpose...while having no effect on another.

  3. So nice of you to kill his thread. He does say loud and clear at the top in the title - YOU
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    Books first for me. Hemingway -all, Erich Maria Remark, and Tolstoy - all and heart is "Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tzu and his reincarnation Osho "The Courage" and others. As visual I was more deeply impacted by some very extraordinary theater perphormances
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    And must add few more books - Hermann Hesse "The game of beads", "Disciplined trader" and "Trading in the Zone" by Mark Douglas and my trading bible "Escape to the futures" by Leo Melamed.
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  6. Count me In - you said UTube videos - hope you didn't mean only TRADING videos - music videos OK, Sir? If not let me know.

    Welcome to Waimanalo, Hawaii :)

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  8. Lawrence of Arabia said in this thread that one's music can be another's poison or total disinterest. Accepted and agreed, but I don't give a .... :)

    English gals, God help me, "hi luv, join me for a cuppa tea?" Sure, that'll be lovely is that mellifluous voice with heavenly accent. Gets me everytime. Better than a winning trade. God noo what he was doing :)

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  10. My go to music as soon as a break-out occurs on the 1H chart - 666 can't touch me with this majestic stuff playing. Crescendos follow the fibonacci sequence instinctively

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