What are my options?

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  1. Hello everyone

    I had purchased an ebook from a vendor who had a one year money back guarantee. Following is a line from his site on his guarantee :

    "PLUS- You have a full 365 days - that's a one full year money back guarantee with no questions asked! "

    However, I have contacted him to arrange for a refund of my purchase price, but to no avail. He does not reply to my emails.

    What are my options? Who should I contact in order to get a refund?

    Thank you for your help.
  2. I would think you can only take him to court in the state where he lives / his business is registered. If you don't have an address, you're probably out of luck, maybe you can fake interest in a business opportunity or something else to get his mailing address.
  3. Chalk it up to experience. The odds of getting a refund from a small operator are slim to nonexistent.

    You didn't really buy that thinking you could get your money back, did you?
  4. your credit card company could help.
  5. Now, you realize that most of these guys writing the books and running the websites make all their money for just that...By you asking for your money back means he cannot eat for a few days...
  6. PXG


    May be you could try Better Business Bureau:



    From their website:

    The BBB can handle the following complaints involving marketplace activities:

    Misleading Advertising.
    Improper Selling Practices.
    Non-delivery of Goods or Services.
    Unhonored Guarantees or Warranty.
    Unsatisfactory Service.
    Credit/billing Problems.
    Unfulfilled Contracts.
  7. After 3 unanswered emails from the vendor, I decided to drop a line to the BBB. I got an email back within a couple of days from the vendor asking me to give the transaction details to help him track down and refund the amount. So thanks for suggesting BBB.

    The amount was just $49, but it was money!!! I would have lodged a complaint with CFTC even for that amount. The vendor says he is a CTA. Anyway, I not publishing his name here because he has promised to refund my money. Just that it took some cajoling.

    Good trading everyone, and take care