What are important topics in 2010 for Hedge Funds & Investors in the Emerging Markets

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    Hi all,
    My name is Benjamin I am new to the forum and I am extremely interested in Emerging Markets. What do you guys see as Hot Topics running around in the Emerging Marketing sector? What are Hedge Funds and Investors looking at in this Sector? What are your own ideas and whom do you believe is the country of Main FOCUS! All contributions will be appreciated. I look forward to reading and responding to this discussion.

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    Benjamin F. Thomas
  2. don't you already know? the major topic amongst 99% of all hedge funds is to CEASE trading
  3. I now what they are not talking about. That "emerging markets" is an euphemism for a third world shithole country.
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    all the clever money is now in emerging markets. the edges are a lot easier to exploit due to the lack of liquidity/efficiency. thus, most strategies considered tend to be longer term.

    good old common sense and the 200 ma....

  5. Hi Benjamin,

    I am looking at Turkey, Poland, South Africa, and Indonesia.

    And Russia to some degree.

    I like Latin America (in particular Mexico, Peru, Brazil) but my broker (MS) doesn't offer access to invest in direct stocks in that region.

    Emerging markets have outperformed developed markets for the last 5 years and I believe they will for the next 5 also.

    There is alot of research about this online, like here http://globaledge.msu.edu/resourcedesk/mpi/


  6. I agree.
    I would expect Longterm trend following strategies to work well in developing economies equity markets.
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  10. Are you open to using ETFs as a proxy or do you believe there is too much disjoint between the ADRs and the local exchanges?
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