What are Hillary's odds?

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  1. What do you guys think Hillary's odds are of becoming the next President of the US? Anyone got bets for or against here? I laid 3:1 odds to my friend that she will not be the next President. Thoughts on this? +EV / -EV?

  2. check out whatever the name is of that exchange where people bet on who will win elections.
  3. If your friend now decides to hedge himself on www.intrade.com , he's nearly doubled his money, 100% risk free. OOOOPS! :eek:

    On the above mentioned site, Hill-Dog has been given a 47% chance of winning, so risking $47 betting on Hillary to win would pay out $53 in profit.
    On the other hand, $47 bet against you at 3-1 would pay $141.

    You're supposed to <i>exploit</i> market inefficiencies, not <i>create</i> them. :p
    It's ok man; I still think you'll become a self-made millionaire before you're 30, probably even with a couple years to spare.
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    I think she will win the primary, and lose the election

    Too many people, including myself, DON'T LIKE her

    I didn't like Gore or Kerry, so I sat out even though I didnt like Bush

    But I would show up and vote against Hillary
  5. You and about 50% of voters, according to polls. The mainstream media have a big job ahead of them to convince people that she is really a dedicated public servant of flawless integrity with impeccable judgment.

    The really scary thing is that she actually does seem to be the best choice among the democrats. Any campaign where Joe Biden is the second best candidate has to be pretty grim.
  6. She's a fag hag
  7. I agree. F Hillary. Ron Paul for the win!

  8. The dems have learned their lesson that senators (especially liberal senators) don't win presidential elections. That must be why their candidates include 4 senators (three of them from very liberal states), one governor suffering from foot in mouth disease and two clowns. Republicans must be licking their chops watching the best of the crop of the Democratic Party.
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    democrats don't even like this woman

    just wait until Barbara Steisand wieghs in ,... :p

    I just read Lou Dodds might enter .... WOW! NOw THAT IS INTERESTING!!!!