What are good commission rates?

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  1. Hi, I was wondering what everyone else was paying there prop firms per trade. Im curently paying $2 per trade and i recieve 90% of my profits. Im beginning to think this is a little high. Please let me know what everyone else is paying. Thanks guys
  2. $2 per trade or $2 per execution/fill?
  3. no $2 per trade. Even if it takes 5 fills to complete my order i stil only get charged $2.
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    $2 per trade.. each way???? so 4$ for a full trade ..meaning buying..then selling the stock??...
    thats not a bad deal since ur getting 90%...
    can I ask what firm ur with??
    and do they have remote trading??

    I am in canada by the way...just in case ur from the states...
    i get 50%...but have to pay roughly 500 a month in fees..
  5. Do you have capital up? Are you taking risk? Any other fees that are relevant? The details are really the key here, although, as I understand your deal, I think it is pretty fair.
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    no start up cost at all....nothing up front...only fees are the roughly $500 a month fees...and I am given access to esignal for free....no charges on a per share basis...nothing at all...
    it's a pretty good deal...i guess i cant comlain...

    Name of ur compnay??
  7. Well in order to recieve the 90% payout i have to put up my own capital, being at least 5k. However i can not put up any capital and recieve only a 50% payout. However my trades are only $1 instead of $2. So its a real tuff choice since we move about 10 million shares a month.
  8. whos moves 10 million shares amonth? you must be with hlv capital.
  9. this has to be before ex/sec fees....right?
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    10 million shares a month...thats not too bad....depending on ur style of trading..momentum or credit???....I used to work at swift trade ...and on average i would probably trade 400,000 a day....sometimes going up 2 a million...and sometimes only 200k...

    So u put up 5k...does that give u unlimited buying power??? or just leverage ..like 10:1 ...???

    I know what u mean...i could get better deal trading remotely from home...but start up costs are alot....and I think being in an office environment with other traders...especially good ones...can really affect your own decisions...and can be very helpful...

    what kind of stocks do u trade??
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