What are CME "flex options"?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by heech, Aug 4, 2009.

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  2. Getting an "appointment " to offset the position can be nasty. :cool:
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    Not really sure what that means!

    Dug through some docs, saw that there's essentially a RFQ process, and what sounds like a custom opencry thing...

    Is this really meaningful for a retail investor? I think I saw 10 lots being a minimum. So say I wanted to trade 10 lots, just for the equivalent of a serial option (because lean hog doesn't offer them)... am I going to get a reasonable ask/bid spread + premium, comparable to what's usually going in the pits?

    Or this is all a game for the big hedging guys?
  4. The problem with non-standarized financial products, is that liquidity is hard to come by...

    I've never traded these FLEX options... but I'm guessing their liquidity, compared to standarized options, is as dry as liquidity on Foward contracts, compared to futures...
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    Good point. There's no (easy, out of the box) way for whoever to hedge their risk with other options/months/strikes. The spread will probably be nasty.
  6. -Similar to what EUSDAIKI said, liquidity can be limited.
    -Leave the "serials" alone. Stay in the active months.
    -"Reasonable" is relative. Stay with the pit.
    -Not really. The capability exists for doing "customized" trades but offsetting the trade can be nastier than the initiation of the trade because the party on the other side of a "large" trade will know that you want to get out when you request a quote AND also they may be the only party interested in trading with you. That condition gives them opportunity to "cut" you badly on your exit. :cool: