What are all the publicly traded types of investment vehicles out there?

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  1. I want to make sure I think about all possible types of publicly traded investment vehicles out there (besides stocks of course). I think they are:

    1. REITs
    2. MLPs
    3. Royalty Trusts
    4. Regulated Investment Companies - closed end funds, open end funds, and ETFs.
    5. Exchange Traded Notes

    Anything else?

  2. 4 has CEF - closed end funds
    "A common misunderstanding is that a closed-end fund (CEF) is a traditional mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). A closed-end fund is not a traditional mutual fund that is closed to new investors. And even though CEF shares trade on an exchange, they are not exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

    CEFs share some traits with traditional open-end mutual funds
    • Both have an underlying portfolio of investments with a net asset value
    • Both are run by a professional management team
    • Both have expense ratios and, typically, fee schedules
    • Both may offer distributions of income and capital gains to investors
    However, traditional mutual funds issue and redeem shares daily, at the end of business, at the fund's net asset value. CEFs do not issue or redeem shares daily. Instead, CEF shares trade on an exchange intraday, like stocks. The share price for a CEF is set by the market. The share price only rarely, and by sheer coincidence, equals the CEF's net asset value. Also unlike traditional mutual funds, CEFs may issue debt and/or preferred shares to leverage their net assets. That leverage can increase distributions (income) but also increases volatility of the net asset value...see more
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    Hybrid Bonds (Like Converts)
    Futures Options
    Probably at least a dozen more trading under UTP privileges
    It also depends on your geography

    It would hurt to own an intro investments book or look at the educational materials on your broker's website