What animal can we compare Obama to without risking being called a racist?

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  1. I know Bush has being called chimp for years and evryone was fine. With Obama the option is really limited.
  2. If Bush was a chimp, then Obama is a gorilla. A skinny gorilla at that!
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    Well if you are a political cartoonist-most anything/`1st ammendment:D And even though i disagree with him on this, Mr Barack is the President & he once sort of mentioned his elepant ears or big ears with a laugh:p .

    TEXAN Pres canidate , Mr Ross Perot said ''I am all ears''

    So I am still in a political cartoon context;
    so remember that dark /grey critter we read as kids,:p , it was a little flying elephant with big ears. Du**o

    I am out of my political cartoon context, and with all due respect, i never called President Bush a chimp. One real estate appraiser said i didnt vote for Mr Obama ''but my faith requires me to pray for him'' Amen, so anything should be done with respect, also.

    Good question

  4. A white rabbit, a white elephant, a white mouse...you get the picture.

    A zebra...would be racist. Any animal that has been used in the past to describe blacks, like monkey...racist.

    Bush was called a monkey or a chimp because his facial expressions resembled monkeys and chimps, as well as his antics, where were very chimp like.

    Chimps and monkeys are fun, funny to watch.

    Obama is not fun, and not a naturally goofy guy.

    Now, call him a black panther, and that may or not be racist...depending on your political bent at the time.
  5. You really can't call him anything associated with white (white elephant, white rabbit) ths rings up the topic of Uncle Tom.
  6. If he were an Uncle Tom, he would be pandering to republicans, or trying to act like a republican...you know, like Condi Rice, Richard Steele, etc. He would not have take a position in community activism if he were an uncle Tom, he would have gone to Wall Street and sucked up to the Man to make money and advance up the white man's ladder.

    Bush acted like a monkey much of the time, so the moniker of monkey boy fits him so well.

    Only a racist would see a monkey or ape like behavior in Obama.

  7. Cesko


    Can a con-man be somehow funny?? I don't think so.

  8. I suppose will have to settle for lawyer jokes and refer to his law background. Lawyers are the educated red necks.
  9. Liberals don't have a sense of humor. That's why their talk shows are always failures. People get tired of constant hate, conspiracy theories and rants.

    Rush by contrast knows how to use humor and absurdity to illustrate absurdity. Liberals don't get it obviously. They are too busy being offended.
  10. Ja, John Stewart's show is a real failure...

    Dave Letterman and Jay Leno, both liberals are total failures...

    My gosh I love it when you make such an ignoramus of yourself AAA...

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