What an interesting day...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aaronk321, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. The morning started off looking doom and gloom. I thought it was gonna a free fall to hell.

    Hmm.. Who's propping up the market besides the FED?
  2. una11


    The herd thought the same thing - hence the opposite happened - works every time :D
  3. The fed bailed out the markets

    Great day today
  4. Tom631


    What exactly did the fed to to bail out the market? I mean, were they buying stocks or what?

    I'm trying to understand how the market works and moves.

    And they say the fed provided money to banks or provided liquidity??..What exactly does that mean? Armored trucks left the fed filled with cash to go unload at banks? Or stop in front of Wall Street and tell the driver to take the millions and go buy stocks inside?

    I don't understand.
  5. fuck it.. next big dip. I'm all in. I'm glad I held off my shorts today. All or nothing.. I need to come back strong.
  6. RL8093


    .... and if you continue to read posts from stock_trad3r, you never will ..... :confused: :confused: