What am I doing?

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    My position consist of both the purchase and sale of options at different strikes with the same expiration. It almost always includes shorting the underlying. It's net theta is earning me a nice profit per day due to the depreciation of the short leg of the spread. Did I mention the the underlying price movement has almost no effect on my net return?

    What am I setting up?
  2. No idea, but it might help to know the strikes and quantities !
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    The Stock, XYZ, is at $60.85

    The calls expire in 25 days

    I buy 65, XYZ $60 calls at 1.79

    I sell, 123, XYZ $65 calls at 0.29

    and I short 2280 shares of XYZ

    Does that help? :)
  4. Roughly a 2 by 1 ratio write for $ 5.2k debit. Short the underlying, but no clue as to why.

    Some sort of riddle me thinks ?
  5. short stock + long 60 calls looks like delta neutral , so you basically short 123 naked calls . What happens if price goes to 70 ?
  6. I'm sure it'll dissect into numerous other spreads.

    Not sure what his point / question / riddle is ?
  7. Without the short stock, that would be called a ratio spread or backspread.

  8. What are you setting up? Your screen name will become WallStCaddy if that company gets a buy-out offer!
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    Short stock + long 60 calls, isn't like having long puts?
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    If you replace the short stock with its synthetic (-call+put) you'll get a straddle plus a pretty large 60/65 ratio call spread.

    Why do you want to open this position? What's the underlying?
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