What action do we take if this happens???

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    09:34 ET Hearing that Reuters running story that Iraq may take unconventional action tonight; no color at this pt

    Oh boy.............
  2. Lets nuke the mudaa fukkers...
  3. Yep, that would help world opinion. Thus, it will never happen.

    What I believe would happen? Well, world opinion would turn on a dime and support the US. We would also be quite pissed, so I think this would simply result in the US taking a much more aggressive stance without so much regard to collateral damage. In other words, we would storm Baghdad in a fairly brutal, and very fast manner.

    just my opinion.


  4. What "unconvential action"? Do you have some link?
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    no link ..i just cut and paste that from Briefing.com
  6. WASHINGTON DC - For years, in closed Pentagon meetings, there has been the horrifying discussion of what to do about Iraq's Nida Abu or "Robot Army" if one in fact, does exist. The idea of this army was masterminded by Saddam during his initial rise to prominence in the late 70's and implemented sometime during the early 80's. It is essentially, a 200,000 man killing machine made up of 20-23 year old males. They have never seen the light of day, having spent their entire lives in a cavernous underground complex complete with terrorist training 200 feet below Baghdad and surrounding areas. Starting in 1980, he paid Muslim women $10,000 for each male child they surrendered to the regime upon birth. Those who didn't 'volunteer' had their babies taken without payment and were then raped and killed by members of the Republican Guard.

    In less than 3 years Saddam had nearly the 200,000 man (or in this case, baby) army he so desired. The children immediately underwent brainwashing and shaping procedures, watching extreme forms of Anti-American propaganda, grotesque videos of tortures and killings, and with age, participating in the very same rituals preying on the weakest members of the Nida Abu. Students presumed as unfaithful or weak were used as examples for all to witness. Castrations, beheadings, and the like. Whispered stories began to circulate through Iraq about the cannibalism of the 'used' soldiers taking place underground.
    Military Analysts say that the terror unleashed by this fighting force would be unlike anything mankind has witnessed. Most experts agree the launch could be very soon. Under strict orders from Saddam, the Nida Abu will be released via underground tunnels exactly 33 days from the start of any Western aggression. The plan is to lure the western forces into the city of Baghdad and under complete darkness release the 200,000 Nida Abu into the streets to kill, torture, cannibalize as many of the enemy as possible. Plans for broadcasting the images are already in place.

    "These men are heavily armed with full chemical gear, weapons, and wear complete body armor underneath, said one Pentagon official. "I liken them to the way people illegally train pit bulls to fight to the death. They are basically human in body only, everything else is much like a caged, rabid animal."
  7. We'll call in the X-Men and Captain America.

    Problem solved. :cool:
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    X-Men = hapaFye & Kymaralways

    Captain America = Mondo777
  9. I posted this on another thread, but I feel it is applicable here.

    That Robot Army better watch it if msfe has anything to say about it! To wit:


    Swiss Vatican Guard

    is a short-range, light weapon that can perform a variety of missions. It is capable of running at speeds up to 15 m.p.h., depending on the drag created by the weapon's outer pillow pants. It can carry a variety of ordinance, including pikes, daggers, swords, and the occasional mace.

    In a conventional conflict, the Swiss Guard can perform strategic yelling, bowing, chanting, and quote verbatim from the Bible. During Desert Storm, the Guard performed 85% of all the latrine duties at the Vatican. It is highly effective when used for picture-taking, directing lost cardinals to the taxi stand, or as last-minute replacements at a preschool party, bar mitzvah, or Jolly Roger restaurant opening. Two Swiss Guards, in two hours, can monitor exactly 4.5 square meters of the Vatican while standing at full attention.

    p.s. Ask Babak who designed their uniforms! :)
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    A-hahah Haahaha !! :D :D

    If 'unconventional' means nonexistent then they pulled off the mission without a hitch.
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