What About Satan!

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    IS HE A BAD MAN!!??

    (is he optional777?) :confused: :eek:

  2. no. it's all fake.

    [​IMG] <-- equally stupid --> [​IMG]

    at the time people believed in zeus, some people probably thought it was a bunch of bs, while others insisted they KNEW he was real. well, now nobody believes that crap.

    here we are today. same thing, but we have fake beings like satan. some of us realize it's obviously a bunch of bs, while others insist this stuff is real. it's no different.
  3. i will quote jesse ventura now...

    Religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers.

    go jesse. go jesse. go jesse.

  4. yea, i absolutely loved it when he said that. politicians never say something like that since so many people are religious and politicians need their votes. jesse has balls.
  5. You seem to consistently confuse religion with the existence of a creator....

    It seems that atheists love to do that.

    Do you have proof that this is no God? Or is that a belief as well?
  6. i know this isn't directed at me.....but i would like to say...

    i'm strongly against man-made religious explanations because people believe them so much and they're based on a bunch of bs.

    if you say you believe there is a creator, but admit you don't know what it is, i'm less against that. i'm still not for it though, because what proof do you have there is a creator?

    therefore, for me, i just say there may or may not be a creator. i just don't know. at the same time, i won't blindly believe some bs.

  7. What do you want to know??? you disturbing my slumber:D
  8. i always wondered why it never occurred to people that God is *less* complex than us, not more complex.

    there is a saying i heard from one of my computer science professors, it probably applies to other areas too (sculpting comes to mind LOL). it is simply: you are finished when there is nothing more to remove, NOT when there is nothing more to add.

    do we really need a digestive system? arms? fingers? eyes? ears? wouldn't a formless pool of energy be a more efficient being?

    i'm not saying there is or is not God. i certainly believe there is something more than us in the universe. i mean, it would be pathetic if *we* are the best the universe can do. obviously there must be other life out there, since the universe is so huge, but i mean there must be a more advanced form of life out there than us.. one that has been around millions of years longer, or has a steeper progress curve.

    on a side note.. anyone that believes in God also believes in extraterrestrials.
  9. LongSnot


    Guess Jesse Ventura would know a thing or two about shams that are crutches for weak-minded people.

    Can you smell what the governor is cooking?

    p.s. Hamburger Helper is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded cooks who need strength in numbers of dinner plates.
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    What about the dyslexic devil-worshipper who sold his soul to Santa???

    Ho Ho Ho!!!!!!

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