What about North Korea?

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  2. Nobody is saying it because nobody has proof, but intel agencies have raised the probability that the raw materials for US' Anthrax scare and UK's Ricin scare were supplied by Sodom. Powell implied as much when he made a point of highlighting how mobile one vial can be.

    Does anyone doubt that Sodom doesn't want his biological agents mailed to everyone that doesn't like him, or that he would hesitate to provide an endless supply of biological agents to committed terrorists?

    Get real people - Korea is all bluff and starvation. Sodom was, is, and remains the real deal.

    The truth will come out after the war when Sodom's captive generals spill the beans on the depth and breadth of his covert terrorism. Bush will be credited for persevering with conviction and the appeasnik cowards of old-europe will be relegated to the dustbin.
  3. We should smart bomb the dirty Saudis and scum Pakistanis after Iraq... The Saudi scum fund global terror and the Pakistani animals have Islamic nukes...

    We should also strongly consider nuking the fanatical nutcase Iranians and monster Syrians, as a favor to our Heroic Israeli allies....

    But before all of the above, we must exterminate Sodom Hussain and those evil Iraqis (if we manage to kill em all, they pose no further threat to our great country)... if France tries to stand in the way, we should nuke Paris...
  4. Ah...the patriotic, heroic Candle has finally emerged!

    Thank goodness you got rid of that beatnik-livin', granola-eatin', Birkenstock-wearin', tree huggin' pacifist alter-ego of yours!

    Welcome, brother, to the Right Wing of the Imperialist States of Amerika!
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    Candle, are you sure you haven't missed anyone?? :D

    It's obvious Sadman and Kim Jong Il are both blatantly paranoid crackhead's with massive inferiority complexes, but I reckon that North Korea's recent behaviour carries louder echoes from previous historical tyrants than the Sandman - withdrawal from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, a pre-emptive confrontational stance to the UN security council's discussion of their atomic affairs, flying warplanes into South Korea's airspace, etc.

    The link created between Iraq and global terrorism is a propoganda victory for the media and the govt, aimed to unite public opinion against a single enemy to justify an invasion.

    I'm not saying Sadman shouldn't be toppled. I just know that Kim Jong Il also has some nasty weapons and should be sent some viagra or valium (or both) before he does something rash.

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    4england:`It's obvious Sadman and Kim Jong Il are both blatantly paranoid crackhead's with massive inferiority complexes´

    are there any blatantly paranoid crackheads around with massive superiority complexes ?
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    US plan for new nuclear arsenal

    Secret talks may lead to breaking treaties

    "To me it indicates there are plans proceeding and well under way ... to resume the development, testing and production of new nuclear weapons. It's very serious," said Stephen Schwartz, the publisher of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, who added that it opened the US to charges of hypocrisy when it is demanding the disarmament of Iraq and North Korea.

    "How can we possibly go to the international community or to these countries and say 'How dare you develop these weapons', when it's exactly what we're doing?" Mr Schwartz said.


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