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  1. It is all about Ubuntu at my house. GF owns a winDOHs laptop as a job (senior analyst for Shell) requirement but leaves it at work unless she has to bring work home with her or is telecommuting. All the rest of our computers run Ubuntu. I really really really don't want to downgrade to the closed source world where the virii and the malware lurk and where you can't exploit your hardware to the fullest. I seriously hate windows, and passionately so since W8 was released and then they stopped support for XP. I am retiring in a couple of years and want to try my hand at day trading to supplement my retirement income. Am I just stuck with web based apps? Any Linux traders out there? An inquiring mind wants to know.

    BTW I am brand new to this forum and I have only been researching day trading for a couple of months. Picked up Andrew Aziz's book which taught me enough to know what questions to ask and what books I might want to look into and other resources. This forum was one that he suggested. I am on a ship right now and hope to do some paper trading when I get home in a couple of months and try a couple of basic strategies just to get a handle on how things work. Obviously I need to resolve the software thing first, or else just forget about it.
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    Is your day trading to be all automated?
    Will it be equities, futures or both?
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    I understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately, it's still difficult to be 100% Windows free. While both TWS/IB and ToS/TDAmeritrade run on Linux I find they are more reliable on Windows. Also I had some difficulty configuring for multiple monitors. So I just took the easy way out.
    Why did you choose Andrew, curious?
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    It is about making money not religious war.
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    IB TWS works on Linux/Ubuntu. As does Sierracharts under Wine.
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    Where is the download link for the linux version of TWS? The mac version has disappeared as well.
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    If you go to the latest or offline download page there's a link at the bottom for "other operating systems".
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    I run IB TWS/API (for IRA) and Rithmic R|API+ on Ubuntu....works great!

    That being said... I see no reason to be rigid with your OS. W10 now allows you to install a bash shell if you need a linux-ish experience.
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