what about gold?

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  1. word on the street is that gold is still set for a downturn
  2. It hasn't done anything lately to make me want to buy it. Sold awhile back. Welcome to ET.
  3. thnks for the welcome. i am definately looking to buy it around 380 range. i definately believe that the long squeezing is not over
  4. there is a spell check option down at the bottom of the reply page. ET is a great site. Hope you enjoy it.
  5. thanks again friend
  6. if you dont mind me asking what is your background?
  7. he told me that gold and silver would stop tracking tick by tick movements of the USD

    gold up over 1 % today even with USD stronger
  8. hello Seth, I believe a more accurate statement would be that the euro is weakening.Prior to the last 10 trading days,gold was mirroring the euro 88% of the time.The last two weeks has been a very different story.Only time will tell and we may have the answer by the end of May .
  9. Have any of your posts ever been censored?I mean removed from the et site altogether. It happened to me for the third time this week.
  10. not to my knowledge , but I do not know for sure

    what do you mean by end of may (?) is this a ref to may silver
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