What about a "Mathematics & Statistics" forum section?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by aradiel, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. aradiel


    I believe that the supra mentioned matters are of great importance for the theory and the practice of dealing with prices, quantities and markets. As of now, I cannot find any room here that fits that kind of discussion; I - and probably lots of other board users - would greatly appreciate if the staff of ET consider the creation of a forum space where we can discuss all our doubts, answers and thoughts related primarily with math.
  2. Could fall into these sections.

    "Strategy Trading"
    "Technical Analysis"
  3. More forums=Less active threads
  4. Cheese


    There would be merit in a Maths, Stats & Statistical Analysis Forum. I would have no idea if it would generate enough threads though.

    Bear in mind too that I have no academic learning or qualifications in Maths, Stats & Statistical Analysis.
  5. aradiel


    If the suggested room is created and generates almost no activity, it would tell much more about the profile of the average ET user than about the new forum room itself.

    The branches of science that deal with logic formalization usually carry a lot of interest: some people love a place where you just cannot bend the truth, while most simply hate it. Either way, I think a location like that would be very important for the development of the successful trader - well, at least as much as as "Chit Chat" :).
  6. Whats wrong with the Strategy Trading Forum?