What about a forum for pensions

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  1. I noticed there is not a forum for pensions. This is a big topic. Can you start one.
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    Thanks for the idea, but it's not a topic related to active traders.
  3. I don't know. You can get out of a lot of taxes they would pay.
  4. A) 99% of ETers are pikers who's only shot at anything resembling a pension would be the annuity option of a lottery ticket.
    B) Joe wisely said no, do not further take him to task in open forum or you might have to go back to making threads about whether we think you look pretty.
    C)Stating you can get out of taxes when we all know what you look like is just brilliant considering the IRS is offering big rewards for turning in tax cheats. Perhaps you should change your handle to Pretty Einstein.

    Rennick out:cool:
  5. a forum on taxes might be better. it would cover investing for retirement.
  6. good idea.
  7. Are we talking about trading one's IRA or similar?

    Or are we talking about employees of pension administration companies trading the fund?
  8. both. the pension is important for market size.
  9. Active traders still need to fund their retirement, much more so than the average person, since they have no employer pension plan. IMO it's a market-related topic, since it involves investing in the markets, using stocks/bonds/commodities/currencies etc.

    Debates on sex, politics and religion are nothing to do with active trading, but there's a forum for those topics. It seems silly to make a forum that is mostly composed of people who hardly post about trading yet knock out 500-1000 posts a year bashing foreigners, dark-skinned people, gays and democrats, or posting photos of half-naked women; and then to refuse to have one on how to invest trading profits in the markets for long-term financial security.

    Maybe a forum for taxes, financial planning, and retirement would be a nice idea? It would cover all that stuff under one roof.
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