what a vicious, violent market

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  1. whatever fill you get, in either direction, it immiediatly runs far against you

    if you use a stop, it dings and reverses immiediatly, if you dont, you get creamed
  2. empee


    smaller size, wider stops
  3. Please fight your tendencies to state the obvious.
  4. Please fight your tendencies to state ANYTHING.
  5. Or just goto cash, earn 0.4% every month, and let this market find itself. In a couple weeks, months or a year or so we'll (probably) be back to "normal".

    However, normal doesn't necessarily mean we're back in a bull market, just less minute to minute volatility. This won't keep up forever. One day all liquidations and margin calls will be wrapped up.
  6. If that is consistently happening to you, then you are mis-reading the market.
  7. Ya gotta just LOVE IT!!!!:D
  8. its unbelieveable

    now is the time for all of us to keep the discipline!
  9. thank you, blemon
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    Can ya'll give me a F*CK YEAH!!!

    Back to the glory days.....
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