What a squeeze!!

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  1. Stunned silence from all participants.

    What i find interesting (ive been long all day) is that it is just the dow and no stocks are really moving.

  2. Just assume the mkt is a bayfront Miami condo - it does not matter how much you pay, because it will be worth more tomorrow

    NO FEAR$$$

    free money from Greenie
  3. Economy is in great shape and no one wants to sell.
  4. At Christmas time people like to decorate their houses. Often they will put fake snow and lights around their windows.
    portfolio managers are the same. At the end of every quarter they window dress their portfolios by buying stocks and driving the markets up.
  5. Incredible stuff. Havent seen one like that in a while.
  6. karsat


    Yes today is like that indexes are moving and stocks are not....
    hard to make money on these kind of days
  7. They just said buy everything sloppy. Incredible BS today.
  8. Can't say it's bullshit, haven't you got long term holdings?
  9. I am really curious if the open interest on ES went up our down today. I am pretty sure it went down on short covering.
  10. no fear is right. its almost christmas rally time.. whoot.
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