What a shame

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  2. Word nitro. Word.
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    Does the Junta have any kind of air force? Why not just do air drops to the most devastated areas with helicopter support (and a shit load of leaflets letting people know why they are not getting aid) and let the people organize things for themselves. I read that the monks are taking a leading role in organizing relief efforts.

    I also read that China and Russia are stymieing aid efforts by backing the Junta's reclacitance and not putting pressure on them..
  4. It's a matter of time before the "blame America first" crowd finds a reason to blame our policies or Bush/Cheney.

    Since the typical response has been....

    USSR escalated arms because the US did (cold war blame on US).

    Al Quida exists because of aggressive US policy (all terrost activities are justified).

    Typical "be nice to bullies" bullshit from pacifists and peace-nicks.

    When will utpoians understand the world is full of shitty people?
  5. It's usually the day after they take over a country and not until then.
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    "Money makes you do things you don't want to do" - from the movie Wall Street

    alas thats how things are :(