What. A Rip Off

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  1. we have a huge rally a couple thusdays ago and now the market doesnt go up anymore

    Rip off

    APPL down a lot

    bffft on this
  2. Please tell me you're angry enough to break another printer or your old 15" monitor. :p
  3. good timing on the bidu puts
  4. Thought it was another Puretick thread
  5. Thanks, that company sucks and its hype is unwarranted. :D
  6. Thats pretty offensive. I'm not the owner so I am not chained to PT. Show me a room that gives out more profitable calls. and I'll go there NOW, quit PT and start paying them $500 a month. Alex is over 81% right now on his trading calls ( http://www.puretick.com/trkrecord.html ) These are cash trades not some hind sight market commentary you get at 4:30pm

    Today I received an email from a trader in our room who was able to bring his account from $12,000 a little bit over $24,000 in 3 months trading Alexs signals. I think thats awesome. So keep the bashing up. Your just generating more hits to the service.

    CajunSniper / Puretick.com Administrator-Trader

  7. So if this was really true, why not just go the CTA, CPO, or hedge fund route and forget all the BS that comes with running a trading room? The management fees and incentive fees would dwarf anything that could be possibly made from a trading room. Perhaps that in order to make money through those other routes a trader actually has to be profitable, as opposed to a trading room where only the appearance of profitability is necessary. Also, please dont give the BS answer of, "He just likes to teach others". That's a bullshit answer and everyone knows it. If that was really true than he would not charge for anything.
  8. Because he has been a member of tons of such pathetic rooms. He wants to have 1000 members and the best room on the Internet. Just this week Ninja, Infinity, Cybertrader have called us for banner ads, which we do not accept.

    I can see your view though, there are a lot of trading coach scam artists on the net. Any skptic is welcome to login and watch the trades unfold in real time then get added to the record. All events are recorded in audio and text. Thanks for the positive input though.