What a Prick!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gcapman, Mar 24, 2010.

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    "Them Haitians are dirty...so I have to wipe my hands after shaking their hands....."

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  2. lol Wiping his hand on Bill Clinton is really disrespectful. If this is how he treat other President of the USA, I wonder how he treated leaders of other countries.

    It kind of make me wonder how 911 came about, and if the cause has a direct relation to how he acted.
  3. Gcapman


    Dubya knew all about it.....

    1) his reaction to the news when he was reading to children was not that of a typical response to tragic news.....normal people would freak out upon hearing something like that.....he was so calm and collected

    2) what happened to all those surveillance camera tapes around the DC area ??? mysteriously disappeared ??? Puh - Lease........

    The real terrorist was old George Boy.......invading other countries like that.......sad sad
  4. Yeah, and I think Bush Sr. is really the one who planned the whole thing. Bush Jr. may not have the intelligence to plan something that elaborate.

    Nonetheless, it was well planned. At the end, they killed Sadam Hussein. Bush Sr. is happy. Osama Bin Laden may still be alive (probably enjoy the life in Dubai), but Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. couldn't care less. The whole war on terrorism was just an excuse to go to Iraq to kill Sadam.
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    You Bush haters are insane. Do you have a clue how stupid you seem? Bunch of shitty little backstabbing, paranoiac, narcissistic whiners... outside of that, wow, it's really fun discussing things with you guys, really enlightening.. no really... you have the makings of true statesmen that rise above politics
    ... NOT!!
  6. I don't hate Bush. He did what he had to do, and he is human. Human do things in the best interest of oneself. Seriously, I vote for whoever that could make my life better. If Bush could help speed up the economic recovery, I'll vote for him; it'll be my best interest.

    Here is a little song your posting reminds me of:

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    I'm in complete agreement with you here.
  8. That was a classic funny moment ... a little wipe for Clinton.

    Made my day.
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    Dang! Maybe I've been wrong all this time and Bush isn't so smart after all. Imagine. Thinking he could make his hand cleaner by wiping it on Clinton. rofl
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