What a Load of Garbage

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  1. Ok, so we have a nice short term 10% rally on the markets and most commodoties set new 52 week highs. So what are people posting about on Elite Trader ?

    1. Permabears yapping about imminent market crashes.
    Short calls every leg up in the market move.

    2. Impractical debates about using coin flipping as a strategy
    to trade. A philisophical exercise going nowhere fast.

    3. Nonstop short calls on rapidly rising stocks like NFLX.
    Dubious claims of profitability on such trades.

    Is this site nuts ? Has almost every intelligent person who legitimately seeks to profit from the market by trading simply left this site ? I'm sorry, but its an exercise in frustration expecting something decent on this site. And once you point out how illogical the arguments are you get slammed as somehow not understanding ??? Please. Oh maybe there is some parallal universe out there where making bad calls on the market is profitable but come on now do some of you even believe your own shit on this site ?

    I have come to conclude that whatever advantage you can get from the best 10% of this site is dwarfed by the distraction and frustration reading the 90% that is absolute garbage. I'm done with this place for now. My time is better spent making good trades ( long or short, I play no favorites ).
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    Ok, so we have a nice short term 10% rally on the markets and the only thing you can do is whine about everybody else. Nice.

    Where's all the profitable calls and useful information you've posted today? Oh that's right. There isn't any.
  3. Good response Chief: now post this Jackasse's coordinates, we'll stop the whining :cool:

  4. Next time you come into my threads and talk shit, try to at least post a link to any threads where YOU'VE made calls, posted trades, real or fake, analysis or research.

    Now go home and put some medicine on your 2-moon junction, sissy.
  5. I understand your frustration not enough good content is showing up on your site.

  6. Why would HE be frustrated? You came to his doorstep whining, bent over, so he obliged. If anything, he's got a satisfied look on his face and is relaxing, watchng TV.

    You're welcome to come over to my house anytime?

  7. He'd be frustrated because his site is flooded with dickweeds like you calling for Dow to go to 1000. You obviously haven't got a clue how to trade or do technical analysis, but that never stopped you from posting hundreds of times on the same LOSING trade nonstop.
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    "Where's all the profitable calls and useful information you've posted today? Oh that's right. There isn't any."

    Baron, the fact of the matter is that your point is valid for 99% of the members on ET and what seems to be an ever-growing percentage of the posts. There are members here who have posted for years, literally, many hundreds of times without demonstrating any applied knowledge of trading per se. There are far too many members who couldn't take the time to share a constructive thought on a member's CL Trading Journal post, but seem all-too-willing to throw bombs.

    The fact of the matter is that I have generated clientele contacts through ET who are true, hard-core trading professionals. That's why I spend the money for an ET Sponsorship. There are high six and seven figure traders out there who visit ET from time to time but seldom if ever post. I have signed 20 clients who have never posted on ET - but they are full time trading professionals from all over the globe. Quite frankly, alot of these professionals tell me that they visit less and less because of the quality of the posted material.
  9. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and telling you to visit and post on this site. How about you stop relying on other people to make good calls and hold your hand, and get profitable by yourself? Because lets face it, if you were able to make your own profitable calls, you wouldn't complain about the lack of other peoples' profitable calls.

    Do you think others will miss you for leaving? Why all of the drama?
  10. I think my initial instinct to just leave the site was the correct call; the idea behind the site is excellent but the reality is its been hijacked by a bunch of idiots. There has to be more integrity and accountability behind what people post here.
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