What a load of CROOKS

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Humpy, Dec 12, 2008.

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    The US economy is wobbling like a jelly and exposing just how crooked the US finances really are.
    The Maddoff scandal of wasting $50 billion is yet another scandal in a long line of scandals. Bernard Maddoff may well be the tip of the iceberg ! This just goes to show what a lack of principles and honesty creates.
    A vile brew of crooked people all fighting for an even greater slice of the pie.
    Looks like they may soon have killed off the goose that laid so many golden eggs !! The greedy pigs !!
  2. Keep in mind, that Hedge Funds are not Regulated. All this will do is bring regulation to the Industry.

    Also keep in mind that your average JOE BLOW, including the clowns on ET, are not able to invest in Hedge Funds. This does not excuse the criminal activity but the breath of destruction will not reach your average dreamer, 9 2 5er. The investors in the fund will loose out but not "Main Street".

    Also keep in mind that there are plenty of respectable traders who are not part of WallStreet, IE: CHICAGO LOCALS. Of course there are some criminals in Chicago but overall, their own money is at risk.

    Bankers, Brokers, CDO lenders, etc are the crooks who took Main Street to the cleaners.

    IMHO, the markets will return back to the early days when only the Wealthy will be able to participate. Main Street will go back to savings accounts.

    This news on Madoff is nothing like that of BEARSTEARN, FNM/FRE, Merril, etc.
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    If a country gets a reputation for being dishonest then it severely affects inward investment and business.

    There should be a major clean-up imho to get rid of the crooked elements before they contaminate all but the strictly honest. Dishonesty is contagious like a disease where the average person is drawn in by bribes, the lure of wealth intimidation etc.

    Bring back the G-men
  4. Obama is one of them, as a candidate he got many votes by giving false hope on how he would fix everything the day he got into office, now he says we are going to see really fucked up times before we even start seeing the light, that is if we ever do get to see it. With his presidency will come a high number of dishonest people. With his mentality he will fuck up the USD within a short period of time. You can disagree on this, but time will tell.