WHAT A JOKE, SIRI gives HOWARD 22 Million shares of SIRI as bonus.

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    $83,000,000 worth of stock as a bonus.

    All these shock jocks have the worst radio shows yet get paid millions to talk nonsense.

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sirius Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI - News) paid shock jock Howard Stern a bonus worth nearly $83 million on Tuesday for surpassing subscriber goals set in a 2004 contract that had already turned heads with its $500 million compensation package.

    Last week, the company reported that it ended 2006 with more than 6 million subscribers, at the middle of a forecast range made in December, triggering the bonus payment of about 22.1 million shares. Sirius closed at $3.76 on Tuesday.
  2. Did we need the exact same thing posted twice? :confused:

    Point taken.
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    yea i noticed. I tried to delete it but for some reason I cant.
  4. WOW! This guy has been extremely overpaid. He said he wanted to leave the radio business because of all the regulations, why they paid him so much to leave when he already was willing to leave is beyond me.
  5. I love the show. I bought Sirius to listen to Howard, and when he's not on I get to listen to football games, and some great commercial free radio. My wife commutes an hour a day and gets to listen to the show too.

    As far as him being overpaid, well, who knows. Is SIRI management making a mistake? I have no idea. I don't think you can say he's overpaid without knowing how much $ he's bringing to the bottomline.

    Home Depot stock didn't go anywhere and they gave him $200mill just to leave. And thats not counting all the $ he made in the six years he was there.

    Also, what are the terms of Howard's bonus? Getting 22mill shares of a stock doesn't mean much if he can't sell it.
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    That is a matter of opinion. I think he is great, and the show is really intelligent.

    Of course, you actually have to listen to it to find out. I doubt you have. Those always seem to be the people who complain the most.
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    I have heard the show, my friend has sirius. I have heard many shows, all those radio shows by these shock jocks are pathetic.
    Did you say the show is really intelligent?????

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    Yes. Again, it is a matter of opinion. And judging by the amount of subscribers Howard brought, I would say that a lot of people disagree with you.

    And, I seriously (siriously) doubt you have ever heard it...
  9. It's a matter of taste. If you don't like it you don't have to listen.

    Personally, I've love it. I love to laugh. Most of my friends are people that crack me up.
    One reason I'm in such a great mood everyday is that I wake up listening to Howard Stern and go to bed watching Letterman.

    My wife says that at least once a week I wake her up beacuse I'm laughing in my sleep. :D
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    I have heard it and have also seen it on TV. I used to listen to him back in the late 90's, but after 2003 I didnt care to listen to him....eventually that stuff gets old. I have XM and usually tune into music, comedy channel or bloomberg, sometimes cnbc.
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