WHAT A JOKE, aapl up to 123?

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  1. S2007S


    now they release this news, hmmmm.

    They knew this the whole time.

    8:31AM Apple says iPhone delivers up to eight hours of talk time (AAPL) 120.50 : Co announces that iPhone will deliver significantly longer battery life when it ships on June 29 than was originally estimated when iPhone was unveiled in Jan. iPhone will feature up to 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use, 7 hours of video playback, or 24 hours of audio playback. In addition, iPhone will feature up to 250 hours -- more than 10 days -- of standby time. Apple also announced that the entire top surface of iPhone has been upgraded from plastic to optical-quality glass. (Briefing.com note: Some of the recent criticism of the upcoming iPhone centered around it's relatively short amount of talk time. AAPL had originally stated that the iPhone would have 5 hours of talk time.)
  2. jazzsax


    I like the sound of that.... *ching*ching* (though I'll never buy an iphone!)
  3. :) Never says never; I was in the same boat when apple introduced the ipod; now I got 2 ipods in my house. Crazy kids.
  4. jazzsax


    Well, I have no plans on it.... I've avoided the ipod since it came out, even while I ran my own PC retail company for 6 years....

    The phone, I just see no darn need for it, other than to pad investors pockets. :)
  5. Div_Arb


    Competition will drive the price down to "free with two year contract." Count on it!
  6. It's a wannabe PDA. That's it. Maybe they'll challenge the market and create new inroads for professionals...but I think they'll have a hard time overtaking Palm, MS, and RIMM for PDA...especially since they're devoted to AT&T only...companies aren't going to suddenly switch carriers so people can all have Iphones...it's fucking stupid to think so.

    Will they sell a lot of them to kids, probably. Will they find a sustainable market of buyers who can afford that much for the cell phone? I don't think so...we'll see, but I highly doubt it because all the other phone developers are going to take the idea, bite it, and do it their own way and people just won't switch carriers.

  7. RE:<v>AAPL- WHAT A JOKE</b>

    Only joke is you and the others who didn't listen when I posted here telling all of you that APPLE will hit $130.00 SOON

    I told you so so that you all could make money along with me but since you all pay no attention, me have no problem making money all by me self.

    Now excuse me since I am at my ocean front Mansion and the girls in bikini's are frolkicking in me pool and the ocean. Beautiful sunny day here in the Hamptons.

    Yeee HaWWWWW!!!!!!!!
  8. S2007S


    I dont own an Ipod and will NEVER own an Iphone!!!!
  9. Me sure Stevie Jobs gonna lose sleep over your statement.
    NOT !!!!!!!!!!!

    Yee Hawwwwwwwwwww

    APPL to be at $130+++++ REAL SOON
  10. I don't own an Ipod either. Cannot figure out why I would.
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