What A Horrible Speech

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. dsq


    MARKET TANKS AGAIN WHEN PREZ offers nothing!!!
  2. bgp


    what do you expect from a retard ! its all b.s. is 800.00 going to fix all the credit cards and mortgage problems ? this is a tiny bandaid that will do nothing. JUST PROLONG THE AGONY. and that money is coming out of thin air.

  3. *Pres Bush hands off to Paulson up the middle*
  4. dsq


    the idiot spoke,market tanked...i mean dont they realize how useless all his remedies are?its patently absurd...dont they review the speech?who wrote it and who is responsible for its meaningless contents?that person should be fired...it was horrible speech...
  5. Akin to giving a crackhead another hit..
  6. dsq


    paulson just repeated the garbage????what for ???
  7. just21


    Amazed they are speaking on option expiration day.
  8. "Paulson runs into Bush! Fummm-ble!!! They're both flat on their backs and mumbling about consensus! Doh!"
  9. LT701


    what a dickhead, market nearly always tanks when bush speaks

    s & p was already at the wave 3 peak (may 2006), which is where the last great bear paused in spring 2001 (end wave 3, mid 1998 level)

    all the retard had to do was keep quiet, and the market probably would have paused on it's own
  10. Talk is cheep. The market is doing what it needs to do. I see opportunity.
    #10     Jan 18, 2008