What a good day today was!

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  1. Here is what I had today:

    SSI (in at 31.62, out at 32.94)
    VOL (in at 50.93, out at 54.18)...sweet gain!
    LAZ (in at 49.51, out at 50.21)
    GPI (in at 52.07, out at 52.54)
    AER (in at 25.84, out at 25.74)..small loss
    AEG (in at 19.74, out at 19.69)..small loss

    $5450 profit! How sweet it is!!!
  2. Congrats!
  3. are you feeding from marketwatch to trade on the news?
  4. Excellent day. There were many opportunities out there today.
  5. You were in at the low and out at close to the high? Nice.
  6. I bought all of these at about 10:04am and sold them all off at 3:56.

    The only catch is that it requires a good amount of trading capital. The cost today was $229,800. But making $5500 makes it all worth while!
  7. S2007S


    talk about perfect timing.
  8. If you check out the stock charts for all of these today, I didn't sell off at the tops.

    I just sold off at the end of the day....
  9. If you dont mind sharing, what made you decide to buy all these around this particular time?

  10. I can see his strategy. Look on sites like Marketwatch news and Yahoo "In-play" section for stocks with bullish news. Wait until 30 minutes after the market open to confirm that the news is sending the stock higher. Then hit the switch on a basket of bullish news stocks. A few might turn out to be bad, but some will probably go higher making up for the loss.

    The stock Vol was an obvious one (an obvious one that I missed). It had a low float-high short interest. Any bullish earnings report would have sent it much higher.

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