What a F'n Jackass Publication!

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    from online Trader Daily:

    Hedgie Flames Out

    You graduated from college at 17. You’ve commandeered any number of firms you’ve sold for a killing to the likes of Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard. You run a hedge fund in glamorous Santa Barbara. You own exotic islands. You travel to remote locations for the holidays by private jet. You are in your prime. And now, at 37, you’ve gone down in a plane over Panama and there’s only one survivor. And it’s not you.


    what a f'n jackass magazine. Not only is it nothing more than a catalogue on what you should be spending all your trading money on, but they can't employ a decent copy writer.

    Magnus you're an asshole.
  2. I'm going to cancel my free subscription. What a crap mag - makes Murdoch look like a serious and likable fella.
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  4. Wow, that is pretty tasteless.
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    I just sent him and Randall a carefully crafted note about how I feel about this. Based upon this crap, I don't know why another no longer active poster got so upset about not being part of the idiot "in crowd"

    Care to comment Randall? Or do you support this crap? Oh, let me guess, it's the holidays and some junior copy editor approved this. Yada, yada, yada.

    edit: just as I thought. Quick response from Richard Blake and he blames it on a blogger.
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    Randall mopped up the mess.
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    They still morons.
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    How many watch makers are there in the world? Everytime I read Trader Monthly I feel like I am looking at an industry publication for wristwatch manufacturers.

  9. LOL!
  10. They figure anyone dumb enough to make millions in the market likes to buy worthless trinkets with the ill gotten gains.

    They are right.

    Think Warren wears those vulgarities.
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