What a Dull Market Today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Flashboy, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. I don't know about anybody else.. but I've not gotten a decent setup today.. looks like I'm not going to either..

    Good news is I stuck to my plan and didn't force anything..

    No trades = No losses
  2. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz is right.

    Gave back some profits today :(

    Got scared out of my one good winner. :( :(


  3. Slow day for me too. There were some moves on some stocks in the morning but after 10:30 everything died down. Just coudn't pull the trigger. :(


    Has anyone else noticed how often a "dull market" thread gets started? I'm beginning to believe that these low volatility range bound days are here to stay.
  5. dbphoenix


    Actually, the number of higher-volatility days has been increasing. If your particular group of stocks is dull, maybe you need to rethink your criteria for inclusion.

    Don't assume a 1999. We could easily be faced with a 1934.
  6. was it really that dull? 13 point range, schizoid morning and greaseslide during the last hour....what more could you ask for?
  7. Canibus


    hell yeah
  8. There are some strategies that work pretty well on Z days. You just have to do some hard study to find them and learn how to use them.
  9. The VIX closes at 16.80 today, with a weekly range of:

    16.22 - 17.37

    The E-minis and Bonds had pretty nice days!!!

  10. You're right..

    But these days have killed me in the past and I've learned to stick to my plan which calls for staying out of this type of market..

    There will be plenty more opportunities I keep telling myself..
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