what a difference co-location AT Nasadaq means

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by proptrader12345, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. I have had a few systems that here quite profitable but i recently went into the Nasdaq cage and have found my executions to be MUCH MUCH better and my profits to be MUCH MUCH higher as well. While this solution is not for everyone I have found the firm I’m with to be incredibly knowledgeable in this area as they have guided me through this . It's expensive to have this option but I’m making 47.8 percent more a month due to the low latency. Profitable quant traders should be doing this as the speed of execution is night and day. Hope this helps a few automated traders.
    Good luck to all
  2. what kind of holding time does your strategy use so that the latency makes a big differance?
  3. very large volume but the firm im with pays me 75 percent of the profits, little commissions and gives me all the leverage i need for a small deposit. Hope this helps.
  4. What where you using and how may milliseconds did it take to receive a RT order........sent, filled and message back.......vs what you are dealing with now? What system or gate way you sing for orders?

    I average about 25 milliseconds from West Coast and back but thinking about doing the colo in Chicago if it makes a huge difference.

    Trade well and keep the $$$$$ flowing in .