What a day!

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  1. Who said they'd rather not hold ovenights? :D
    Happy trading to all. I'm done for today.
  2. Someone's happy!
  3. OHLC


    CAC40 +6.04%.

    Only two years ago, it was twice less volatile than the Nazdawg...

  4. DAX +7% (friday)

    bund is more volatile (and liquid) than note and bond too.
  5. How do you guys trade those? Are there ADR ETFs?
  6. mdmbud


    Are there a lot of people trading the DAX here?
  7. OHLC


    >How do you guys trade those? Are there ADR ETFs?

    Regarding the CAC :
    The CAC is usually position traded via its future : the FCE, traded on the MONEP, or its tracker (ETF) CAC 40 master unit, on Euronext.
    Day trading is usually possible only on the future, because of high Euronext tickets, high clearing fees, and tax stamp.

    (41761 is the Sico for the tracker on Euronext, CAC is its mnemo)

  8. Thanks!
  9. mgkrebs


    QQQ and SPY have both gapped through WEEKLY resistance.

    QQQ has built solid intraday support at 22.35 - 21.98 band. If it consolidates above that level, more upside is possible.

    I follow trend, and will be ready if downside returns, but......

    If ever there was a time to "trade what you see, not what you think" it is now.

    Survey from CNBC says 29% of public think now is a good time to invest in stocks. Utilities blowing up. War talk. Proverbial wall of worry.

    Looks like a launch to me. Probably not secular like 1982, but, hell, the QQQ could double and it would still just be big bear market rally.

    just my 2 cents.
  10. never heard of any adr etfs.

    index + bund futures via IB. stocks are possible too, although, IMO there's only few canditates worthy of daytrading (but no uptick rule)

    mdmbud, no idea how many euromarket traders are here.
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