What a bunch of complainers!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by luckylee, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. I've read so many people complaining about Bernanke and Paulson's action to revive the market. They're complaining about this and that, and how the gov't try to prop up the market, that it's socialism for the rich, our economy is bad, yada yada yada. Bla bla bla. A bunch of meaningless complainers who lose money on their trades.

    I'm sure there are really good traders here and they don't complain. But the complainers / keyboard jockeys are just a bunch of whiners with no games and they can't face the reality that you can't fight the Fed.

    My challenge is simple: can you really earn money from this market? Otherwise you're just all talk.

    I'm gonna challenge you all to put your money where your mouth is. You're talking about shorting Ford, shorting financials, shorting this and that. Can you really do that? I doubt that you have the balls, the capital, or the technique to do so. So you're squeezed. To be honest, I think these whiners are gonna fail like a miserable duck crushed by a Dodge Ram, starting on Monday.

    For your own sake, try not to fight against the Fed if you don't even know what you're doing :)

    And if you don't like what's happening in the States, just get out of America and immigrate to another country ... like Canada or Mexico.
  2. Stop complaining about the complainers
  3. Why do these guys have to come out every weekend? :confused:

  4. Cheese


    Yes, you can.
    However it is not a matter of punting on Ford or any other stock.

    Choose a market. I suggest ES or YM. Do your homework intensively. Get to know your market intimately. Construct or learn a comprehensive methodology to exploit that market. To take out the points that a market offers, you need to buy the upmoves and sell the downmoves sequentially. This does require an accurate system. In other words you are making all the days volatility work for you, Open to Close.
  5. And if you don't like what's happening in the States, just get out of America and immigrate to another country ... like Canada or Mexico.

    Prediction: When taxes skyrocket on the wealthy and trading gets curtailed because of this financial mess, luckylee will be the loudest complainer and will be the first to leave the US.

    My unsolicited advice - multiple and diverse streams of income. Do something that keeps you employable/self employed (outside the financial world of course) and keep investing/trading so long as you can make $$$.
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    Called out. OP is an idiot. I've heard very few (if any) people complain that the fed's actions make it more difficult to scalp or swing for proffit.

    For most the problem is the fact that it is the banks who benefit from and receive low interest money, and that increasing the money supply depreciates the value of the dollar.

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    Plain to say that one does not need a minimum IQ level to post on ET, OP for example.
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    OP is uneducated, uninformed and has not yet grasped the current situation we are talking about, i.e. he is basically an idiot.

    no need to waste time to educate him, keep doing what we should do. period.