What a bs!

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    'Part of the "American Dream" is to make $100,000 a year working for yourself on your own terms. Traders are more ideally positioned to make this dream a reality than anyone who does not have a large trust fund.
    Most of them do not realize how simple it is and there in is the problem most people
    have. Making $100,000 a year takes an average of $400 a day. This is extremely easy to do provided that you have three things:

    A) A setup that you already knows works and is easy for you to apply

    B) A simple Money Management trick.

    C) $75,000. We will provide A and B, they need to provide C.

    Each person signing up for the program will be charged a $2000 administrative, travel and processing etc. Some time in the first month and a half of the program we will do an intro seminar that all people in the program must attend. It will be held in some location that is easy for everyone to get too, I would suggest either Chicago or Las Vegas. Each person there will learn the basics of the method and money management tactics. After this each person will receive 2 hours per month in
    one-on-one consultation with me.

    We will also have a special room on the chat server that is reserved for "Masters through Mentoring" clients. This will allow them to interact with me and each other during and after the trading day. Each person in the group will also spend 5 days in person trading with me ingroups of 2 or 3. Four months into the program we will evaluate each traders performance and remove the bottom 1/3 of the people from the program. Those people will be dropped from the program and will get a check back for $1000.

    The others will remain in the program and TFMS will receive 20% of all trading profits they generate after they break $100,000 for the next 18 months (For example should trader A make $90,000 we will not get anything beyond the $2000, if trader B makes $100,000 we will get $20,000 from them, and trader C makes $140,000 TFMS would be paid $28,000.

    Each trader will need to open their account with eLocal so that we can track their progress'
  2. damn, maybe i should open one of these scams. 2k a pop nice risk free profit, just wondering how many people will fall prey for this.
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    but, they are creative to part money from you. :p
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    Fuckin scum bags!
  5. Yeah, Fuckin Scumbags..:p


  6. Hey!
    Some traders need this kind of service, and are happy to pay for it.
    Whats wrong with offering it to those that can use it?

    $1,000.00 is cheep to find out you cannot trade.

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    Nobody wov me everybody hate me guess i got eat worms :)
  8. Brandon,

    Some of these guys don't know that it is your own ad you were joking about.