What a boring trading day

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Flashboy, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Geez.. I wish this market would do something
  2. The track or casino would likely make you happier.
  3. you can thank OBAMA for this.
  4. Apparently you guys are not familiar with August mkts. An 8 pt daily range is typical.
  5. I know summer days can be dull and uneventful. And I hate them every year.
  6. maxpi


    I started nodding off and missing trades way early today, traded all the way back to breakeven.. walked the dog, had breakfast.. came to ET.. I can't work when I'm sleepy... I'm getting so lazy that I just want to make enough to not cut into my SSI... why work hard to overcome that hurdle.. I have the welfare dilemma, work is harder and pays less sort of... [falls completely asleep, hits head on desk, doesn't care....]
  7. 1 trade early. +3 ES handles. Beats losing.
  8. Just sell calls for now.

    I will selling more calls on my 1000 shares of SPY. next monday.