What a BAD TRADE!!!

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  1. A bad trade is like bad trip.

    You only realize it's a bad trade after you close the trade.

    It's like taking a bag of cash and burning it.

    It's like doing some bad LSD.

    Try not to remember the bad trade,,nigthmare trade.
  2. Depends how you trade, I know fairly early on if my trade will work or if it won't. I trade on a very fast time frame and get feedback very quickly. I don't need to exit to realize if I made an error, the reason I DO exit is BECAUSE I know I made an error.

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    A bad trade is a reality check -- it simply shows you haven't got all the bases covered yet.
  4. a lot of times a bad trade just happens. for example, something might work 9 out of 10 times, but it is that 10th time that gets you!
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    A bad trade depends on one's feeling. Some people feel uncomfortable to cash early profit and feel satisfied when they exited early avoiding widened loss; while other feel happy with early profit and having very small number of losing trades. The latter is a disaster. :D
  7. Personal experience?
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    Very similar to a bad thread.
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    A bad thread doesn't hurt ET but a bad trader does. :D

  10. Yep.
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